In a written statement made by the Israeli police, it was stated that action was taken upon a report from the army that a tank was stolen from the Eliakim Military Training Base and that the tank was found in a scrapyard in the region as a result of the investigation.

The Israeli police also shared images of a police car next to the tank, which it described as "idle". It was announced that the police opened a joint investigation with the army regarding the theft.

In the statement made by the Israeli army spokesperson, it was stated that the Merkava MK2 type tank, whose chassis was found in the scrapyard, had been idle for many years. It was stated that there were no weapons on the tank and its systems did not work.

It was shared that the tank was found in an area open to civilians walking in the region and was used as a stationary vehicle for soldiers' shooting drills.

It was reported that the tank was returned to the army and a military investigation into the incident was opened.