Crane collapsed, construction worker lost his life! Crane collapsed, construction worker lost his life!

Another commander in the delegation, General Eric Smith, commander of the US Marine Corps, said in a statement to the press, "What has happened, is happening and will happen in Gaza is entirely Israel's decision."

Journalist Yunus Paksoy shared details about the development on his social media account:

"Lieutenant General Glynn, who was sent to Israel by the US, has returned to his country.

He shared his experiences in Fallujah. Marine Corps Commander Smith explained what Glynn did as follows:

Lieutenant General Glynn went there to give advice. But make no mistake, what happened in Gaza, what is happening now, and what will happen, is entirely Israel's decision...

He offered his expertise as the chief planner of the first Marine Corps force that went to the battle of Fallujah.

He was asked to go there and say 'this is what I have learned', we can call it an exchange of professional military experience.

He was there, now he's back and he's offering his experience, whether it's used or not..."