When host Shannon Bream pointed out that Vance, a Republican from Ohio, had written a recent article for the New York Times in which he said that Ukraine does not have the manpower it needs to continue fighting Russia in the ongoing war, Graham responded

"This is nonsense. I just got back two weeks ago. They have all the manpower they need; they just need weapons," he said. "I challenge J.D. Vance to go to Ukraine and get a briefing from the Ukrainian military and talk to the Ukrainian people. Then tell me what you think. Stop talking about things you don't know anything about until you go."

Graham was joined on the program by Connecticut Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal. Both senators urged Vance to travel with them on their next trip to war-torn Ukraine.

Controversial approval for Tesla Controversial approval for Tesla

Newsweek reached out to Vance's office for comment Sunday morning via its website.