In the chain of atoms arranged in a single row, a phenomenon called Hawking radiation was observed due to quantum fluctuations. In Hawking radiation, new particles appear due to the effect of the black hole on the space-time fabric. According to the researchers, their simulation and glowing black hole will be able to make sense of quantum physics and general relativity theory together.

We are closer to understanding the secrets of the universe

Under normal circumstances, Hawking radiation is not something we can observe. The study conducted by Lotte Mertens from the University of Amsterdam allows us to observe this situation with a different approach. In fact, electrons, which do not revolve around atomic nuclei with a constant mass, but disappear and return, make jumps on the atomic chain in the simulation. Researchers were also able to examine the jumps as a kind of fluctuation.

Apophis will pass very close to Earth! Apophis will pass very close to Earth!

This could help understand the role of particle entanglement in the generation of Hawking radiation. Thus, it may make it possible to understand the connection between quantum physics and general relativity. Still, this work opens up a broad field of study on quantum gravity.