NBA All-Star Weekend will have something new thanks to Sabrina Ionescu and Stephen Curry.  Curry has won the NBA's 3-point contest twice, in 2015 and 2021, while Ionescu set a record by scoring 37 points in the final of his victory in the WNBA event last year.

The rules of the contest, namely which 3-point line the two players will use, remain unclear.

Curry hinted at the possibility earlier Thursday in an episode with Warriors rookie Brandin Podziemski that was never staged and was recorded by TNT's cameras.

Curry and Ionescu have been teasing this for a while. After burning the nets in the WNBA penalty shootout, Ionescu tweeted Curry about the penalty shootout. Curry responded days later, confirming his interest in a contest.

WNBA stars have participated in NBA All-Star Weekend in the past, mostly in the celebrity game and the shooting star contest. None of them have participated in the 3-point contest, but Ionescu will now have the chance to promote women's basketball on one of the NBA's biggest stages.

NBA All-Star Weekend is scheduled for February 16-18 in Indianapolis. The starting lineup for the game was also announced earlier on Thursday, with Curry missing his ninth career start. The Curry-Ionescu contest won't be the only change to the weekend's format, as the game will also return to the old East-West format instead of the selected teams.