Glaciers melted and flood warning issued in Pakistan! Glaciers melted and flood warning issued in Pakistan!

Belarra shared a video message on social media platform X.

In his message, Belarra said, "After a hellish night in Gaza, I have a very simple but important message for European leaders. Do not make us complicit in genocide, take action."

Reminding that Israel has closed all communication channels in the Gaza Strip since last night, Belarra said, "This has only one purpose. Israel is trying to cover up its crime."

Stating that many Europeans are asking "Will no one do anything?" in the face of what is happening in Gaza, the Spanish Minister continued as follows:

"I have two messages for European countries. All prime ministers and heads of state in Spain, including the current Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez, inaction makes us complicit in a programmed genocide. Israel does what it wants because its international allies guarantee its immunity. We must act. Tomorrow it will be too late. Cut diplomatic ties with Israel. Impose exemplary economic sanctions against those responsible for this genocide. And let's bring Netanyahu to the International Criminal Court to stand trial for his war crimes against humanity."

Belarra expressed his sadness and anger over the Israeli attacks on Gaza and addressed European citizens, saying, "Not in our name, not with our silence. Get out of your homes, mobilize, take action. Join every action, every demonstration. Let us raise our voices to end this genocide."