Israeli statement on prisoners Israeli statement on prisoners

According to Yediot Ahronot, at least three Israeli ministers are considering resigning to force Netanyahu to take responsibility for what happened on the border with the Gaza Strip on October 7.

"The situation we have reached is unbelievable and he (Netanyahu) must not be allowed to continue," an unnamed minister said.

The minister said that Netanyahu insisted on not taking responsibility for the events of October 7, but few believe he can withstand the wave of anger that awaits him.

In the article, which quoted the minister as well as people close to Netanyahu, one person said:

"Why is it necessary for the prime minister to declare in the middle of a war that this is his responsibility? There is no need for such a thing at this time. On the contrary, such a declaration would be harmful on a security, strategic and perhaps even moral level."

No intention to resign
"The prime minister has no intention of resigning and it is not on the agenda," said a person close to Netanyahu in the midst of the war.

The article also quoted political sources as saying that Netanyahu will not admit his guilt because it is not part of his character, adding that "he has never apologized for anything during his tenure and it is unlikely that he will apologize now."

Yesterday, Haaretz newspaper reported that Netanyahu was trying to evade responsibility for the unpredictability of the attacks on October 7 and to shift this responsibility to the Israeli army.

In a report published today, Yediot Ahronot newspaper reported that there is a crisis of trust between Netanyahu and the Israeli army regarding the current developments in the blockaded Gaza Strip.

In another article of the newspaper, a survey conducted in Israel was included; it was stated that 66 percent of the participants wanted Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to resign after the war due to the mistakes made on October 7.