It was announced that Kate Middleton, Princess of Wales, who underwent surgery on her abdomen in recent months and has not been seen for a long time, has been treated for cancer.

Expressing that he had a great shock, Middleton said, "Cancer was detected in the tests performed after the surgery. For this reason, my health team advised me to receive preventive chemotherapy and I am currently in the early stages of this treatment."


US actress Blake Lively, who is often on the agenda with her relationship with Ryan Reynolds, published an apology message after the Princess's statement.

After the Princess admitted that she had played with the photo published on Mother's Day, Lively shared a frame that was obviously tampered with and made a reference to the Princess being out of sight for a long time.

Lively said, "I'm sure no one cares, but I shared a photo. That post embarrassed me so much, I'm so sorry. I send my love and good wishes to everyone," she said.

Kim Kardashian also kept up with the "Where's Kate?" trend and shared a photo of herself next to her car and said, "I'm going to find Kate."