Hamas offers to extend the ceasefire Hamas offers to extend the ceasefire

Dozens of Arabs living in Israel have been detained for social media posts about the attacks on Gaza.

Dalal Abu Amneh, a well-known singer and social media celebrity, was detained in the Israeli city of Nazareth and held in jail for two days before being released on bail on Wednesday.

Dalal Abu Amneh will remain under house arrest until Monday.

His lawyer, Abeer Baker, said Dalal Abu Amneh was charged with "disorderly behavior" and possible incitement to violence among his followers.

Dalal Abu Amneh's post that attracted the attention of the police was one featuring a Palestinian flag and the words "There is no victor but Allah" in Arabic.

According to lawyer Baker, Dalal Abu Amneh, who has written songs about Palestinian history, made a religious post, which police took as a call for Palestinians to take up arms.

The BBC's Jerusalem correspondent Sara Monetta reports that since the start of fighting between Hamas and Israel on October 7, police have had a zero tolerance policy for social media posts perceived to be sympathetic to Hamas.

Singer Dalal Abu Amneh is just one of dozens of Arabs detained by Israel over social media posts.

Many have been fired from their jobs and those working or studying at universities have been disciplined.

100 people detained

Israel's Palestinian citizens make up a fifth of the population.

According to police, 100 people have been detained for social media posts since the Hamas attack.

According to Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, the number is much higher.

Police Commissioner Yaakov Shabtai said that "any incitement against the state of Israel, its symbols, its elected officials, its army and police will be met with a harsh response."

The human rights organization Adalah reported that 16 people, including 15 Arabs, were detained during the clashes between Hamas and Israel in May 2021.

According to human rights activists, police have detained more people in recent clashes because they consider a wider range of behaviors that could lead to violence.

In the Bedouin town of Rahat, police detained Dr. Amer al-Huzail, a former mayoral candidate, for posting a map of Gaza and an analysis of a possible ground operation.

Dr. Amer al-Huzail was charged with "aiding the enemy during wartime".

40 people were fired from their jobs
According to Adalah lawyers, 40 Israeli Arabs were fired from their jobs overnight because of their social media posts.

Salam Irsheid, a lawyer for the organization, said people face the threat of losing their jobs simply for liking a post.

Arab students are also facing disciplinary action by their universities.

Ariel Porat, the president of Tel Aviv University, said that several students were flagged last week "for supporting what Hamas is doing" and that they would be very strict with their students. He said these students would be reported to the police.

According to lawyers at Adalah, 83 students have been suspended, some of whom were warned to leave their dormitories overnight.

Adalah's director general, Dr. Hassan Jabareen, said none of the students had committed any illegal acts, but were only punished for social media posts.

He added that 90 percent of these posts were statements against the war and in support of those in Gaza.

"Ten percent of the posts fall into a gray area that could be seen as supporting Hamas' actions against civilians," Jabareen said. In normal times, these posts would not be interpreted in this way, but now Israel gives them the strictest interpretation," Jabareen said.

Suspension of an MP for 45 days
At the same time, Jewish Israelis are posting anti-war and de-escalation messages.

Last week, Israel Frey, a left-wing ultra-Orthodox Jewish journalist, was removed from his home by Tel Aviv police for his own safety.

Protesters had gathered around his home and demonstrated anger over a post in which he said he was praying for those in Gaza.

On Wednesday, Jewish lawmaker Ofer Cassif was suspended from parliament for 45 days for condemning airstrikes in Gaza.

Cassif also said that the police did not adequately protect journalist Frey, saying: "Armed police officers are mobilizing to arrest anyone who is upset about the massacres in Gaza, but they do not do anything to protect a left-wing journalist whose life is in danger."