Boeing scared again: Engine cover ripped off during takeoff Boeing scared again: Engine cover ripped off during takeoff

The murderer started killing again soon after. The killer who murdered two prostitutes and brutally beheaded one of them was caught and confessed his crime. 

While the investigation into the killer continues, Russian media reported the details of the blood-curdling murders.

The suspect has been identified as 37-year-old Alexei Varakin. Varakin was serving a prison sentence for the murder of two prostitutes in 2010. He was recently released on the grounds that he had 'recovered'.

According to local reports, one of the women was beheaded. According to British media reports, police suspect that Varakin committed the murders because he was 'unable to have sexual intercourse'. The Russian press wrote that this situation almost 'drove Varakin crazy'.

The decapitated body of 40-year-old Olga Vorobyova was found near a hotel in Moscow where they are thought to have met. As Russian media reported, 'Vorobyova took some drugs and refused to be with him. Varakin brutally beheaded her and fled the scene'.


He is believed to have killed his other victim, 25-year-old Vlada Skitskaya, in her Moscow apartment the day after Vorobyova's murder.

Accordingly, it is recorded that Varakin had agreed with Skitskaya to relieve 'stress' after the satanic murder he committed, but was enraged by the fact that he was ridiculed for 'not performing as expected' in bed.

The terrified woman managed to call a friend during the attack and told her that Varakin was trying to kill her. The desperate woman's cries for help were also heard by neighbors.

As Skitskaya tried to defend herself, a struggle broke out and the attacker pointed a knife at her, wounding her in the cheek. Police were called to the scene, but by the time they arrived, the woman had died from the stab wounds. 

According to reports, there were signs at the scene that Varakin had also attempted to decapitate Skitskaya. Varakin was arrested and taken into custody, where he pleaded guilty in court and confessed to both murders.