Vance made statements on the Russia-Ukraine War and US aid to Ukraine as a guest of Jake Tapper on CNN live broadcast.

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Stating that the reason for his opposition to the package of aid to Ukraine pending approval in the Senate is that he believes that Ukraine will never be able to defeat Russia, Vance said:

"It is in the US interest to recognize that Ukraine will eventually have to cede some territory to Russia and that we must end this war. Given the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilian deaths and the humanitarian tragedy in Eastern Europe, it is in our interest and theirs to end the killing there."


While fierce debates continued in the US Congress on aid to Ukraine, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky canceled the briefing he was to give to the members of the Senate on December 5 at the last minute, and did not make a clear explanation about the reason for the decision.

On December 6, Senate Republicans blocked a vote on US President Joe Biden's $105 billion budget request, including aid to Israel and Ukraine.

US President Biden had requested a $105 billion budget, including $14 billion for Israel and $61 billion for Ukraine.

However, Republicans in the US Congress, led by those in the Senate, are opposed to approving this budget without the adjustments they want, especially some changes in immigration policy.

The White House and some Ukrainian officials warn that without US assistance to Ukraine, the war with Russia could be lost.