A Starbucks branch in California was found to have a hidden camera installed in the restroom.

Police said the camera was found by an employee under the sink overlooking the restroom on January 31. A 35-year-old suspect, Louie Juarez Jr. was arrested for allegedly filming more than 90 victims in the restroom.

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Juarez was charged with possession of child pornography, installation of a hidden audio surveillance camera and possession of an assault rifle. He was sent to Santa Clara County Main Jail.

Investigators said that between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. on Jan. 30, victims ranging in age from 4 to 85 were caught on camera. "These videos include a large number of young victims," Officer Tanya Hernandez said.

Juarez was arrested at his home, where police found other micro-cameras, 20 firearms, including an assault rifle, an unlicensed gun and high-capacity magazines.

Authorities do not know if Juarez posted the footage online or sent it to anyone else. They are also not sure if he has done this in public before.


In response to the incident, Starbucks said it was "an extremely disturbing incident". Since the incident, many concerned customers have questioned whether they have used the restroom recently. Scott Picanco, a San Jose resident, said:

"And it makes you think about how common this can be, even outside of Starbucks."

Another local resident, Alli Rodriguez, said:

"So now I have to second guess every public restroom? It's really disgusting. And this person should be ashamed of themselves."