US and Germany to set table between Ukraine and Russia US and Germany to set table between Ukraine and Russia

The recording of the prank call made on September 18 by Russian comedians Vladimir Kuznetsov and Aleksej Stolyarov, known as "Vovan&Lexus", and confirmed by the Italian Prime Minister's Office in a statement yesterday, appeared on social media and in the Italian press.

In the phone call, Meloni, to whom one of the Russian comedians introduced himself as an African leader, said: "There is a fatigue on all sides of the conflict in Ukraine. The moment is coming when everyone will realize that they need a way out. The problem is to find a way out that is acceptable to both sides without violating international law. Ukraine's counter-offensive is not going as expected. It has not changed the fate of the conflict. Everyone understands that if we don't try to find a solution, it could go on for many years. But the Ukrainians are doing what they have to do, what is right, and we are trying to help them."

According to the recording of the conversation, Meloni was asked by his interlocutor for his opinion on irregular migration and he replied that they were facing a difficult situation. "The problem is that the others don't care about this issue, everyone agrees that Italy should solve this problem alone," Meloni said, referring to other members of the European Union.

Meloni is also recorded asking his interlocutor, "Is what is happening in Niger against France?" and "Is France seeking an intervention?"

In a written statement made yesterday by the Italian Prime Minister's Office upon the news that Meloni was subjected to a prank phone call by Russian comedians, "The Office of the Prime Minister's Diplomatic Counselor regrets that the Prime Minister was misled by an impostor who introduced himself as the President of the African Union Commission and that the person in question had a meeting with the Prime Minister (Meloni)."