Anastasia Ivleeva's social media posts calling for peace 'brought the army into disrepute', the court said.

Ivleeva did not appear in court on Thursday.

In one of the posts on Instagram, Ivleeva shared the message "no to war". Instagram is banned in Russia, but users can access it with a VPN.

In another post, Ivleeva posted a picture of a dove and called on the authorities to "make agreements to stop the killing of people".

Giant billboard toppled! Giant billboard toppled!

A lawsuit against Ivleeva for moral damages, seeking 10.3 million euros in compensation to a fund supporting soldiers fighting in Ukraine, was dismissed in January.

The Russian government and state media are calling the invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24, 2022, a "special military operation" and suppressing anti-war voices.

Ivleeva's 'naked' party

Ivleeva had hosted a 'naked' party in a Moscow nightclub in recent months, after which she became a target of conservatives.

Photos from the party went viral on social media.

One of the party attendees, rapper Vacio, was sentenced to a fine and 25 days in prison for "spreading LGBT propaganda". 

Russian President Vladimir Putin has long accused the West of trying to undermine "traditional values".