Six ministers, including Interior Minister Victor Torres and Education Minister Miriam Ponce, have announced their resignation from their posts following the 'Rolexgate' corruption investigation into President Dina Boluarte's alleged illegal enrichment in Peru.

Interior Minister Vidtor Torres, who submitted his resignation, told reporters that his resignation was due to a family matter, while the other ministers did not share information on the issue.

Simultaneously with the resignation of the ministers, several MPs from different parties submitted a petition to Parliament demanding Boluarte's dismissal due to "moral incompetence".

Boluarte's dismissal requires 87 people in the 130-seat Parliament to vote in favor of the proposal.

At least 100 people have been killed in a crush at an Indian religious event! At least 100 people have been killed in a crush at an Indian religious event!

Boluarte, on the other hand, appointed new names to replace 6 ministers who were vacated in the country where there are 18 ministries after the resignations in question.

Within the scope of the cabinet reshuffle, the new ministers were sworn in and took office.

His house was raided

On March 31, Peru's National Police raided the home of President Dina Boluarte as part of a corruption investigation.

Accompanied by the prosecutor's office, police entered Boluarte's home in the capital Lima and searched for allegedly undeclared luxury watches.

As part of the "Rolexgate" corruption investigation, the prosecutor's office is investigating allegations that Boluarte has been illegally enriched.

Editor: David Goodman