According to the news in the country's press, the ongoing rains in the state caused floods, increased water levels in streams and rivers and filled dams.

In the region, the fire brigade, German Technical Relief and volunteers are trying to take precautions against flooding and flooding by placing sandbags. Two helicopters from the Federal Police and the German Navy are also on duty in the region.

The Federal Police helicopter is carrying large sandbags to reinforce the dykes, while the Navy helicopter is monitoring the situation in the area.

An old people's home near the Ems River in Meppen has been evacuated as a precaution.

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The water level of the Aller River, which flows through the city of Celle and the Winsen district, continues to rise. The Warning Center of the State of Lower Saxony warned that these settlements are at risk of flooding, there may be power outages and telephones may not work.

Thousands of sandbags have been prepared against possible flooding and flooding due to the rising water level of the Lippe River.

Zoo to be evacuated

Due to the flooding of the River Meisse, a large part of the "Sergenti Park" zoo and amusement park near the city of Hanover is flooded; an emergency action plan is being prepared for the evacuation of the animals. The animals have to be anesthetized before being moved, but this is risky. It was noted that animals cannot be transported by vehicles due to the flooded area.

It was shared that the stables where wildebeests and giraffes stayed were protected with sandbags, while some animals were previously taken to other shelters in the region.

On the other hand, many highways were closed to traffic due to flooding. It is pointed out that dykes and dams will not hold water due to the softening of the ground, which increases the danger of flooding.

In a statement made by the German Meteorological Office, it was stated that storms and showers are expected in Lower Saxony today.