The lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC has been going on for years. The case deals with Ripple's conduct of unregistered securities and the sale of XRP by the Ripple team. The US regulator SEC is doing its best to achieve victory against Ripple. However, there are opinions that Ripple's hand has strengthened in the case, which has entered the last straight.

Before the last preliminary hearing scheduled for April 16, XRP investors are excited. The community thinks Ripple will be vindicated and the bull run in XRP will begin.

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Eyes on the Ripple case: Hopeful wait for XRP

According to a report published by CoinPedia, the case between Ripple and the SEC has entered the final stretch. Scheduled for April 16, the final preliminary hearing is expected to be held on April 16, with speculation that the parties will reach a settlement. According to speculation, Ripple is willing to consider potential settlements with the SEC.

The XRP community remains optimistic that Ripple will emerge victorious from the case. With the trial date set for April 23, all eyes are on XRP.

JackTheRippler, a well-known name in the XRP community, stated that the long-running Ripple-SEC case will be completed soon. These names were optimistic that a settlement would emerge, especially in the last preliminary hearing tomorrow.

XRP had fallen due to the global expansion of tensions between Iran and Israel. The XRP price fell 15 percent in a week. The popular cryptocurrency has a market capitalization of $28.16 billion.

If the case ends positively, it is thought that the XRP price will be priced between $ 0.60 and $ 0.65. In the long-term effect of the lawsuit, $ 50 levels are discussed for XRP.

XRP chart analysis

XRP has not been able to realize the expected breakout in the midst of litigation processes. Especially during the bull run of Bitcoin (BTC), XRP's inactivity drew attention. As it is known, the bull run in the cryptocurrency market started with spot Bitcoin ETFs. In this bull market, XRP was the worst performing major altcoin.

As Ripple nears the end of the litigation process, expectations for XRP are increasing. Although XRP took a big hit recently when the BTC price fell to $60,000, it has started to recover.

XRP may target the resistance of $ 0.5458 in this process. If this resistance point is broken, XRP may touch the major resistance point at $ 0.6052 in a short time. If $ 0.6052 is broken, $ 0.6347 resistance may come to the fore. Exceeding all these resistance levels could move the XRP price to $ 0.70.