In a statement made by Salzburg police, it was reported that the 33-year-old female keeper was attacked by a rhino while doing daily maintenance and cleaning work, and the seriously wounded keeper died.

The statement said that the 34-year-old male keeper who came to help the female staff was also seriously injured by the rhino attack and was hospitalized.
Zoo Director Sabine Grebner told the press that the keeper who died was very experienced, always careful and had a special talent for animals.

Explaining that the incident took place during routine care, Grebner said that the keeper was attacked while applying a cream against insects to the rhino weighing 1.8 tons, and that this process is an ordinary practice that is done every day.

Stating that there are 4 rhinos in the zoo and that these are animals accustomed to care, Grebner noted that it is not yet known why the 30-year-old rhino attacked.