The Pope participated in a program of a private Italian television channel, where he answered questions about himself and world affairs.

The 87-year-old Pope Francis, who has had some health problems in the last year and announced that he was not feeling well during a program last week, responded to the question of how he was doing by saying, "I am still alive."

Asked if he was considering resigning, Pope Francis said, "It is not a thought, a concern or a desire, it is a possibility open to all popes. But it is not at the center of my thoughts at the moment. As long as I can serve, I will move forward." The Pope noted that if circumstances change, he will have to think about it.

"I am frightened by humanity's capacity for self-destruction"

"I call them every day and they tell me horrible things about what is happening; how many Arabs are dying and how many Israelis are dying, how two peoples who were called to be brothers are destroying each other," the Pope said in the program, adding that he talks to the Catholic community in Gaza every day.

Expressing his belief that wars have never ended since the end of the Second World War, the Pope said, "Now we see Ukraine-Russia and Palestine-Israel. Why can't there be peace? Let's say with a little shame that arms trade is behind the wars."

When asked if there is anything that frightens him, the Pope said, "A few things frighten me. For example, the escalation of this war frightens me because the steps of war make you think. Where will we end up? Are we going to end up with nuclear weapons that destroy everything? The capacity of humanity to destroy itself frightens me."

Pope Francis, who is originally from Argentina, said that he had not been to his country since he was elected Pope in 2013 and that he missed it. Expressing that Argentinians are suffering a lot and that he is worried about them, the Pope said that they are planning to go to Polynesia in August and then they may make a trip to Argentina.