US President Joe Biden reacted sharply to former US President Donald Trump's recent statement that he would not help underpaying NATO countries if they were attacked by Russia, but would encourage Russia to attack them.

Biden said in a statement that Trump's statement made it more urgent for Congress to pass the long-delayed funding request to support Ukraine's defense against Russia.

"The risks to US security were already high before this bill was passed in the Senate last night. But in recent days, these risks have increased even more. And that's because the former President has sent a dangerous and shocking signal to the world that is frankly contrary to US principles and beliefs."

Stating that not supporting Ukraine would mean supporting Russian President Vladimir Putin, Biden added that his attacks could go beyond Ukraine's borders and move deeper into Europe.


"He asked me, if we don't pay and Russia attacks us, will you protect us? And I said, you didn't pay? You are a criminal. No, I will not protect you, in fact I will encourage them to do whatever they want. You have to pay," he said.