In the Serbian capital Belgrade, anti-government protesters demanding a rerun of the elections tried to break into the city hall. The Serbian police forcefully suppressed the incidents.

The opposition "Serbia Against Violence" Alliance claimed that the government brought thousands of people from out of town to Belgrade and won the local elections in the capital. This claim caused a stir in Belgrade.

Anti-government protesters tried to enter the city hall. Windows of the building were broken.

Police intervened with tear gas. Protesters chanted slogans against Serbian President Aleksandr Vucic.

The events that erupted in the capital were suppressed by police intervention. While tensions in the city hall decreased, a large number of police officers took extensive security measures in and around the building.

Vucic appeared in front of the cameras after the events. He claimed that the cause of the unrest in the capital was foreign powers. Referring to the opposition, the Serbian leader said, "It has been revealed who those who are fighting against violence are."

Opposition leaders, on the other hand, claimed that those who vandalized the city hall were agent provocateurs.

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On December 17, Serbia went to the polls for both parliamentary and local elections, and President Aleksandr Vucic's "Serbian Progressive Party" SNS won the elections with over 46 percent of the vote.

Although Vucic declared victory, there has been no end to the controversy in the country since then. The opposition is demanding a recount of the votes, alleging irregularities in the elections. Some opposition MPs continue their hunger strike.

Finally, the electoral board in the country had decided to hold re-elections in about 30 points. People will go to the polls again on December 30th.