According to national media reports, the word "monkey" was written in red paint on the wall of the Hamza Mosque in Beauvais on Christmas Eve.

While the racist writing was also written on the wall of a shop in the city, the municipality and the mosque management announced that they would file a complaint.

Beauvais Deputy Mayor Morad Laghrari, who visited the mosque after the incident, stated that he learned about the incident from the mosque's congregation and said, "I saw the expression 'Monkey' written in red color at the scene and I can tell you this, everyone was extremely surprised."

Laghrari emphasized that it was shocking that such an incident happened on Christmas night, which should represent peace and brotherhood, and said, "We condemn these acts."

Franck Pia, Mayor of Beauvais, underlined that these acts, which are shameful for humanity, have no place in the French Republic.

Pia noted that he is in contact with the police to find the perpetrators of the incident and bring them to justice.

On the other hand, a dead wild boar was hung on the door of a mosque in the town of Vigneux-sur-Seine in Essonne province on the morning of December 24.

The Association for the Culture of Muslims in Vigneux-sur-Seine, which manages the mosque, condemned this anti-Muslim act and filed a complaint.

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