Russian President Vladimir Putin described US President Joe Biden as more "experienced" and "predictable" than his rival Donald Trump, saying he would prefer him to win the presidential election in November.

Speaking to Russian state television, Putin said, "We are ready to work with any elected US President. But from the point of view of Russia, I clearly prefer Biden's victory."

Emphasizing that Biden is a more experienced, more predictable politician, the Russian President said, "But we will work with whichever leader the American people trust."

Referring to speculation about Biden's health problems, the President said, "I am not a doctor and I do not find it appropriate to comment on this issue."

Donald Trump, who was not late in responding to Putin's statement, said, "Putin is not my fan.

In a speech a few days ago, Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump, who is certain to run in the November elections, criticized member countries that do not make the mandatory military payments to NATO and said he would encourage Putin to attack these countries. 

Stating that NATO's 2 percent spending level obligation for member countries must be fulfilled, Trump added that the US would not support these countries if needed.