Israel releases 39 Palestinians Israel releases 39 Palestinians

"Imagine if we united all of Europe and suppressed Putin, then he would no longer be able to create the problems he has created," Putin told Rossiya state TV.

Pointing out that Biden is one of the most experienced politicians in the world, Putin said, "He has been in politics for a long time and of course he is an experienced person who knows what goals to set for himself and how to achieve them."

Putin emphasized that despite this experience, Biden still has some things to learn and said, "We have a famous saying in Russia; Live for a century, learn for a century. This applies not only to Biden but to all political elites in the US. You need to learn to respect others so that you don't have to suppress anyone."

Answering a question about whether he could be suppressed, Putin said, "The issue is not about me personally. It is about the interests of our country and Russia's interests cannot be suppressed."