Vladimir Putin had given images with Chinese President Xi Jinping in 2018, known as pancake diplomacy.

Russian President Vladimir traveled to China after a long break.

Looking at the program of Russian leader Putin, it is seen that a wide visit to China is planned.

Vladimir Putin said that the Russian air force has started patrols over the Black Sea with fighter jets equipped with strategic Kincal missiles. Putin said, "This is not a threat to anyone. But on my order, the Russian Aerospace Forces began permanent patrol flights in the neutral zone over the Black Sea. Our Mig 31 fighter jets carry Kincal missiles. They have a range of more than a thousand kilometers and a speed 9 times the speed of sound."

Speaking at the Belt and Road summit in Beijing, Putin argued that hypersonic missiles are a defense measure against growing tensions in the Middle East.


Russian attack on Ukraine's Dnipro region killed 8 people! Russian attack on Ukraine's Dnipro region killed 8 people!

The long-range ATACMS TYPE tactical missiles sent by the US to Ukraine were also on his agenda. He made a joking reference to US President Joe Biden with an offer of tea and pancakes.

Vladimir Putin said, "If Russia lost the war, then why is the US sending ATACMS missiles and all other weapons to Ukraine. Biden can visit us to eat pancakes and drink tea. If the war is lost, what are we talking about, why ATACMS? Ask him about it. It's funny."

Putin argued that these missiles, which can be launched from HIMARS launchers and have a range of 300 kilometers, will not have a major impact on the front line.


Vladimir Putin admits that new US aid will not be easy for the Russian military. Putin said that Russia will win the war after all, but the new aid will increase Ukraine's suffering.

Russian leader Putin said, "First of all, of course, this is damaging and poses an additional threat. Of course we will repel these attacks. War is war. They pose a threat, that goes without saying, but it is impossible to bring about a radical change in the situation on the front line."

Speaking after his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Putin argued that Russia is strong on the front line, which is why the West is softening its rhetoric. In contrast, he said, Kiev was not interested in peace talks.


Russian leader Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping have close relations. As two powerful members of the anti-US front, Russia and China are often seen side by side.

Putin spent time in Beijing shortly before invading Ukraine last year.

The two leaders also engaged in what became known as pancake diplomacy in 2018. Putin and the Chinese leaders came together and prepared pancakes.