According to the decree signed by Putin, published on the Kremlin's website, the number of personnel of the Russian Armed Forces was determined as 2 million 209 thousand 130 people, including 1 million 320 thousand soldiers.

The decree entered into force as of the day it was signed.

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Previously, according to Putin's decree, which entered into force as of January 1, 2023, the number of personnel in the Russian army consisted of 2 million 39 thousand 758 people, including 1 million 150 thousand 628 soldiers.

Thus, according to the previous decree, the number of soldiers increased by 169,372, while the number of other personnel did not increase.


In a statement made by the Russian Defense Ministry, it was reminded that the number of soldiers in the army has been increased by about 170 thousand, emphasizing that there are no plans to significantly increase the conscription of citizens into compulsory military service.

"There is no provision for mobilization," the statement said.

Pointing out that the increase in the Russian army is due to the increase in threats against Russia in connection with the conduct of a "special military operation" in Ukraine and the ongoing expansion of NATO, the statement said, "Under the current conditions, an additional increase in the number and combat power of the armed forces is an appropriate response to the aggressive activities of the NATO bloc."

Editor: John Wickey