Chaos broke out in France during protests against police brutality and racism. In a protest that started calmly at the Gare du Nord train station in Paris, dozens of protesters wearing black hoodies and face coverings smashed windows of bank branches and ATMs despite all the precautions taken by the police. A police car trying to stop the demonstrators was stoned by the group. On Boulevard de Clichy, a group attacked a car stuck in traffic with iron rods during the demonstrations and the police intervened.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin made a statement on the demonstrations organized against police and racism and said, "There was unacceptable violence against the police in the Paris demonstration. We see where anti-police hatred has reached."

Demonstrators chanting slogans condemning police violence and racism such as "Stand together against violence and racism" and "Neither forget nor forgive" marched behind the banner "National coordination against police violence". The demonstrators also chanted "Police everywhere, justice nowhere", "No justice, no peace" and "We want justice for Nahel" while the names and pictures of those who lost their lives due to police violence were carried by the crowd.

Nahel M. lost his life in Nanterre, France on June 27 as a result of the police shooting, and the streets of France witnessed violent incidents after the death of the 17-year-old teenager.