It was claimed that Princess of Wales Kate Middleton was seen outside for the first time since her abdominal surgery. Kate Middleton, who was seen visiting a farm shop with her husband Prince William over the weekend, is said to look "happy, healthy and relaxed". The Princess had mysteriously disappeared after her surgery in January.

It was claimed that Prince William of Wales and his wife Princess Kate Middleton were watching a sporting event in which their children participated.

At a time when various allegations were made about her health, the Princess's appearance at Windsor Farm Shop put those who were wondering about her condition at ease.

Someone who claimed to have seen the couple told The Sun, "After all the rumors going around, I was surprised to see them there. Kate was out shopping with William and looked both happy and well."

No photos were taken of the couple

The eyewitness said their children were not with them. However, Kate being seen in the store was interpreted as a good sign that she was healthy enough to travel.

It was reported that no photographs of the couple were taken due to Kate's request for privacy during her recovery.

The Princess, who last mingled with the public on Christmas Day, is expected to return to royal duty after April 17, when her children will start school after the Easter Holiday.

According to the Telegraph, the Princess may join her family for the traditional walk where she will be photographed on Easter Day.

Kate Middleton on the world agenda 

Some rumors fueled by social media in recent weeks have created speculation as to why Kate has not been seen.

The allegations were intensified by the family photo released by Kensington Palace on Mother's Day, which was withdrawn from the press amid concerns that it had been "manipulated" by six of the world's leading news agencies.

In addition to the numerous flaws in the image, social media users also noticed that Kate was not wearing her wedding ring, leading to numerous theories online about the state of her marriage.

Over the weekend, a source close to Wales said that the couple would reveal more information about Kate's illness and recovery in due course.