Princess Diana's iconic sweater, known as the "black sheep", was sold at auction for 1.14 million dollars.

Princess Diana's iconic sheep-patterned sweater was sold at an auction in New York, USA, at a price far above expectations. The sweater, which was auctioned at Sotheby's Auction House on August 31 on the 26th anniversary of Diana's death, was sold for 1.14 million dollars.

The name of the new owner of the sweater, which was initially valued between 50 thousand and 80 thousand dollars, was not disclosed.
Diana wore the famous sweater to a polo match in 1981 when she was engaged to King Charles III of England, the sweater attracted worldwide attention and became one of the iconic designs of the brand. The designers of the sweater, Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne, stated that they experienced an increase in sales to small brands after Diana was photographed wearing the sweater and that they would be forever grateful to Diana for this.

It is suggested that the sweater with a single black sheep among the white sheep has a hidden meaning. It is stated that the black sheep in the sweater represents Diana's exclusion from the Royal family.
There is a copy of the famous sweater in the Victoria and Albert Museum.