Execution canceled after failing to find an intravenous line Execution canceled after failing to find an intravenous line

The names of people connected to the case of US billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, accused of child abuse and sexual harassment, were revealed. The names included former US President Bill Clinton, Prince Andrew, a member of the British Royal Family, David Copperfield, Donald Trump and the famous singer Michael Jackson. Spencer Kuvin, a lawyer for some of Epstein's victims, said Prince Andrew should testify under oath about his role in the Jeffrey Epstein abuse scandal.

At a time when calls for a police investigation into allegations of sexual assault against the royal family are growing, the Duke of York "needs to respond to what is now emerging" and testify "with all the trappings of the law" so that he is legally obliged to tell the truth, lawyer Spencer Kuvin told the Observer.

"I know that Andrew gave an interview to the public and the media, and it was a disastrous interview for him. But now he needs to respond to what has come out and his role in all this. Not in a TV press interview, but under oath, under penalty of perjury, with all the trappings of the law, whether in London or in the US. He needs to set the record straight," he said.