He said Vice President Kamala Harris could win "overwhelmingly" if she runs against former President Donald Trump, but President Joe Biden must make a decision.

"I think she (Harris) could win overwhelmingly, but before she can make a decision about who else it should be, she has to make a decision about whether she's the President," Schiff told NBC News today.

"Either he (Biden) has to win overwhelmingly or pass the torch to someone who can win," Schiff added.

On the other hand, a member of the Democratic National Committee from Florida, X, said in a post on his social media account that Biden should withdraw from the nomination.

Biden admits: Yes, I 'screwed up' against Trump Biden admits: Yes, I 'screwed up' against Trump

Biden had said the previous day that he would not withdraw from the nomination despite criticism.

"I will only withdraw from the race if Almighty God wills it," the US President said.

Biden became the focus of criticism after his election debate with fellow candidate Donald Trump on live TV.

Editor: David Goodman