National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan made statements to reporters.

Sullivan said that Biden will host Zelenskiy at the White House on Thursday, September 21.

Stating that Biden and Zelenskiy will meet at the White House for the third time, Sullivan noted that the meeting will take place at a very "critical" period.

"President Biden is eager to hear President Zelenskiy's views on the whole process," Sullivan said, noting that the US continues to supply arms and equipment to Ukraine.

Explaining that Biden will confirm the support of the United States and the American people, Sullivan said, "Biden will convey that the United States will continue its support and continue to encourage the whole world while protecting Ukraine's independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity."

Sullivan reported that Zelensky will also visit the US Congress.

Zelenskiy, who will attend the 78th UN General Assembly in New York next week, will also address the leaders.

During his last visit to Washington in December 2022, Zelensky addressed the Congress and stated that the US aid to Ukraine was not a "donation" but an investment in "global security and democracy".