On the last day of his 2-day visit to Marseille in the south of France, Pope Francis spoke at the Mediterranean Meetings attended by 140 bishops and young people from all over the Mediterranean region.

Reminding that Jesus Christ helped the poor, Pope Francis said that the poor are not just a number and should be treated as brothers and sisters.

'We must not get rid of them'

Fasted migrants in the Mediterranean en Pope Francis said, "We must welcome them, we must not hide them, we must integrate them, we must not get rid of them."

Pope Francis called on Europe to take responsibility for migration and asked for the protection of migrants.

Referring to the richness of the Mediterranean in terms of biodiversity, Pope Francis said, "The Mediterranean is the mirror of the world. (The Mediterranean) contains a global call for fraternity."

'It is possible to get along together'

Stating that Marseille has a multicultural tradition, Pope Francis said, "Marseille shows us that it is possible to get along together despite the difficulties."

Later, French President Emmanuel Macron and Pope Francis met in Marseille for a bilateral meeting.

Today, the spiritual leader of Catholics will lead a mass at the Velodrome Stadium in the same city with the participation of 60 thousand people.