It was announced that he was interrupted and died in the hospital where he was taken.

Footage of the incident appeared on social media.

Pablo Escobar decision from the EU! Pablo Escobar decision from the EU!

The footage shows Ertekin Özkan trying to walk towards the police with a knife when there was a distance of 3-4 meters between them and he was shot by the police.

Many social media users criticized the German police for shooting with the direct intent to kill, stating that the police could have stopped Özkan with a non-fatal injury instead of killing him with a direct shot.

In the footage, a witness to Özkan's shooting reacts by saying, "His mother is here," and police are seen trying to remove people from the scene.

Turkey's Consul General in Karlsruhe Mahmut Niyazi Sezgin visited the family of the murdered Özkan and expressed his condolences.

Sezgin also received information about the incident from police officials.