According to the Santa Rosa County Sheriff's Office, Dr Benjamin Jacob Brown, 41, was arrested 6 months after the death of his 33-year-old wife, Hillary Ellington Brown, after she suffered a heart attack and he failed to transport her to a local hospital. 

Hillary, who was put on life support after the operation, died a week later.

Benjamin Brown is charged with second-degree felony murder and culpable negligence manslaughter in his own examination. 

According to the health department document, the young woman underwent miniature muscle plication/abdominal scar revision, bilateral arm liposuction, lip injections and ear procedures. 

Benjamin allowed his wife, who had no medical training, to prepare her own anaesthetic and suture her own skin, a situation that worsened during the liposuction of her arm. 

Interesting detail in Epstein case: Prosecutors were aware of the abuse! Interesting detail in Epstein case: Prosecutors were aware of the abuse!

According to the document, Hillary told her husband that her vision was becoming blurred and that she was "seeing orange", but Benjamin allegedly continued to inject fillers into her face. 

When Hillary became unresponsive and began having seizures, a medical assistant for Benjamin allegedly offered to call emergency services, but Benjamin refused. 

It was determined that Benjamin called emergency services after waiting 20 minutes.

The Sheriff's Office issued an arrest warrant for Benjamin after a thorough investigation with the First District Medical Examiner's Office and the State Attorney's Office. 

Hillary's father, Marty Ellington, blamed Benjamin for his daughter's death, saying, "His ego and arrogance overshadowed his need for help, prolonged the oxygen deprivation to her brain, and ultimately caused her death." 

Editor: David Goodman