Kevin McNally, the actor who rose to fame with Pirates of the Caribbean, was detained shortly before attending a "Dr. Who" fan convention in Los Angeles.

Organizers explained to fans that McNally would not be at the event for personal reasons.


According to the Sun, the detained celebrity was released on bail of 1.5 million TL (40,000 pounds) and is expected to appear in court next month.

Phyllis Logan, the actress wife of the famous name, reportedly denied knowing that McNally was arrested.

Los Angeles police told the Sun that Kevin McNally is being held on suspicion of causing an injury that caused a traumatic condition to a victim who is his current or former spouse, cohabitant or parent of his child.


On the other hand, Kevin McNally, who starred with Johnny Depp in the Pirates of the Caribbean series, supported Depp, who allegedly committed violence against his ex-wife Amber Heard in 2021 but was cleared of the charges.

McNally said, "I've never seen a dark side to him, I see a humane and beautiful person, and I don't see any obstacle for him to come back and play Jack Sparrow."