Elon Musk to donate X's advertising revenue to hospitals in Gaza and Israel Elon Musk to donate X's advertising revenue to hospitals in Gaza and Israel

According to a written statement from the Pentagon, Ukraine will receive $125 million worth of military equipment in the US inventory, as well as $300 million worth of military assistance under the Ukraine Security Initiative (USAI).

The aid package, worth a total of $425 million, includes military equipment from the US inventory aimed at "meeting Ukraine's critical security and defense needs", including additional ammunition for the National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile Systems (NASAMS), additional ammunition for the High Performance Artillery Rocket System (HIMARS), 155 millimeter and 105 millimeter artillery shells, TOW missiles, Javelin and AT-4 armor-piercing missile systems, and more than 3 million small arms ammunition and grenades.

Within the scope of USAI, it was informed that additional ammunition will be provided for the laser-guided unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) anti-UAV rocket system "to strengthen Ukraine's air defense in the long term".

In a written statement, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated the US support for Ukraine and said, "The United States and a coalition of more than 50 countries will continue to stand with Ukraine until Russia withdraws its forces from Ukraine, stops its brutal attacks and ends this war."

Blinken noted that helping Ukraine "defend itself and secure its future" is in line with US national security interests and that they will continue to work with the US Congress to this end.