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The US Department of Defense (Pentagon) says it is providing Israel with security systems to combat Hamas, but that this does not mean killing innocent civilians.
Pentagon Deputy Spokesperson Sabrina Singh answered questions at a press conference about the al-Ahli Baptist Hospital in Gaza, which was hit by an Israeli airstrike.

Singh, who reiterated their full support for Israel, gave evasive answers to questions about the hospital attack, which is reported to have killed at least 500 civilians, stating that she did not have much information on the subject.

Singh pointed out that the US does not put any preconditions on the military aid it provides to Israel, saying, "We certainly give Israel the security systems it needs to neutralize and effectively push back Hamas in Gaza. This does not mean the killing of innocent civilians."

"Israel has a very capable and professional army," Singh said, reiterating the absolute necessity of upholding the laws of war in talks with Israeli officials. We believe that the security assistance they are using in Gaza will be used properly to target Hamas, while at the same time allowing innocent civilians to seek humanitarian assistance."

Singh noted that they are continuing their contacts with the Israelis to ensure that civilians in Gaza have what they need and can be evacuated to safe areas.

On the other hand, the spokesperson blamed Hamas for Israel's bombing of the hospital in Gaza, arguing that Hamas continues to operate inside structures where civilians are present.

Singh said that they believe that Israel should abide by the laws of war in not targeting innocent civilians and that they have full confidence in this.

Asked by reporters why the United States has so much confidence in the Israeli military, which has failed to anticipate Hamas attacks and has committed numerous human rights abuses in the past, the spokesman replied, "We have a long-standing alliance."

Singh said that Hamas has built its command centers inside buildings such as hospitals, and when reporters pressed him on this point, Singh had to say, "I don't have any evidence of that."