Individuals who wear makeup often buy the materials they use for reasons such as product structure and color tones. However, the main point to be considered when purchasing make-up materials should be the content of the products.

Because some ingredients in make-up materials may cause skin problems or may not be good for skin health. Here are the makeup ingredients to avoid...


Dimethicone, used in concealers and primers, fills fine lines and creates a smooth appearance, but the intense concealing effect of silicones can cause skin damage. Dirt can build up on your skin, which can result in acne. It can make your skin look dull and lifeless due to the congestion it creates in your pores.


Alcohol and ethanol in mattifying products or setting sprays can dry out the skin. This can cause your face to tighten and flake.


Paraben, which is commonly used in cosmetics, can disrupt the structure of your skin and cause premature aging.


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Talc, which is used in powder-based products, is a natural-based product, but can cause irritation or dryness on sensitive skin and worsen acne-prone skin.