Anthony Hopkins, who has been on the agenda for a while with the movie "Freud's Last Session" in which he plays the famous psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud, is writing about his life.

In an interview with People, the 86-year-old actor discussed the process of writing his autobiography.


Hopkins said, "It's a strange process. I realized how blessed I am with one thing, maybe it's my brain. I have a pretty good memory. I remember the days of the months within the years."

Hopkins says he has many stories to tell for his autobiography, and when he's not working, he fills his days with things that bring him joy, like playing the piano, painting and spending time with his family.


"I've had ups and downs, depression, despair, anger and so on, but slowly over the last few years I've been thinking, 'Well, I'm still here,'" the actor said.

Hopkins' wife, who has been happily married to Stella Arroyave for 20 years, is also working on a documentary about the award-winning actor.