US actor Matthew McConaughey, who won the Best Actor Oscar for his role in Dallas Buyers Club, left Hollywood early in his career when romantic comedies were all he had to offer.

Praise for his performance in the Joker movie Praise for his performance in the Joker movie

The actor, who did not take part in any project for two years, described that period as "scary".


"Romantic comedies were very successful for me. But I wanted to try other things and of course I couldn't, so I had to leave Hollywood for two years."

The actor said, "It was very scary. I had a long talk with my wife about how I needed to find a new profession. I was like, 'I think I'm going to teach high school, I think I'm going to train to be a chef, I think I'm going to be a wildlife guide,'" he said.

The Oscar-winning actress said, "To be honest, I thought, 'I'm out of Hollywood,' but Hollywood told me I had to stay here. It was horrible. The days were long, the feeling of insignificance... But I decided that this is what I had to do, so I wasn't going to pull the parachute and leave the mission. But it was scary because I didn't know if I could get out of the desert," he added.

Editor: David Goodman