"We chose Tokyo as our first Asian office because of its global leadership in technology, service culture and community that embraces innovation," OpenAI said in its statement, noting that the company acts with the motto of "producing artificial intelligence that is harmless to humanity".

Hexa made an appearance in Tokyo! Hexa made an appearance in Tokyo!

It was emphasized that the new office will accelerate contact with corporate customers such as Toyota, Rakuten and Daikin, who benefit from OpenAI products and automation of complex business processes.

In the statement, it was noted that the company launched a special chatbot optimized for the Japanese market, which translates and summarizes texts faster than the existing model.

Through the new office, the company plans to offer corporate services, including customer support, and establish a management framework within Japan.

According to state broadcaster NHK, representatives from the world of business and bureaucracy attended a press conference held at a hotel in the Chiyoda district for the opening of the new office.

Opened in Dublin and London

Aiming to develop its international operations, US-based artificial intelligence products developer OpenAI announced that it will open offices in London and Dublin in 2023.

CEO Sam Altman discussed investment possibilities for the national market during his meeting with Prime Minister Kishida Fumio during his visit to Tokyo in April 2023.

In the meeting, Altman said, "We discussed the pros of this technology and talked about how we can mitigate the cons. We look forward to creating a model that is suitable for Japanese culture and language."