"The Secretary of State (Antony Blinken) has approved a possible foreign military sale of M107 155 mm rounds and related equipment to the Israeli government for an estimated $147.5 million," the State Department's Political-Military Affairs office said in a written statement.

Humiliating mistake by Trump-backed Michigan GOP Matt Maddock! Humiliating mistake by Trump-backed Michigan GOP Matt Maddock!

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency filed the required certification with Congress today notifying Congress of this potential sale."

Blinken provided detailed justification to Congress that "an emergency exists that requires the immediate sale of these military supplies and services to the Government of Israel in the national security interest," the statement said, adding that "Congressional review requirements are waived" under Section 36(b) of the Arms Export Control Act.

The statement continued, "The United States is committed to Israel's security. Helping Israel develop and maintain a strong and ready self-defense capability is vital to U.S. national interests."

It was also stated that this military equipment and support to Israel "will not change the fundamental military balance in the region" and emphasized that it is "the duty of all countries" to use munitions in accordance with international humanitarian law.

On December 9, Blinken had approved the sale of approximately 14 thousand rounds of tank ammunition worth over 106 million dollars to Israel on similar grounds, without submitting it to Congress for approval.

On the other hand, Biden's request for an aid package of approximately 106 billion dollars for Ukraine, Israel and other national security needs has still not been approved by Congress due to the objection of the Republican Party on immigration policy and border security.