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GameScent, which lets you smell games, is now on sale
AI-powered GameScent, which will allow you to smell in games, is now on sale. Thanks to the new technology, you will be able to smell certain odors in some scenes in games.

GameScent is now available to enhance your gaming experience by picking up scents like guns or explosions.

Bringing Smell-O-Vision into the 21st century, the new device uses artificial intelligence to emit "real-time scents" during gameplay.

Currently compatible with all game consoles, computers, televisions and virtual reality headsets, GameScent uses artificial intelligence technology to process cues from real-time sounds during gameplay and transform them into scents. 


The hexagon-shaped device has cartridges that can contain a variety of scents such as explosions, guns, racing cars, jungle and thunderstorms, and an air purifier to remove odors from the room. However, when the cartridges run out, you have to pay again to buy new ones.


In addition to these scents, the company announced that scents such as blood, ocean, grass, sports arena will be added in the future. The device is available for sale in the US for 150 dollars.