The one kilometer long comet is expected to pass close to Earth this weekend or early next week at a distance of about 125 million kilometers.

Last seen 430 years ago

Observers living in the Northern Hemisphere and wanting to see the comet will be able to watch the light of this star, which last showed itself approximately 430 years ago, by rising 1-1.5 hours before sunrise, although it is extremely dim, with the naked eye.

Italian astronomer Gianluca Masi, founder of the Virtual Telescope Project, said in a statement that next week is the "last possible chance" to see the comet from the Northern Hemisphere before it disappears in the Sun's glare.

Masi noted that if it survives its encounter with the Sun, the comet can be seen on the dark horizon from the Southern Hemisphere at the end of September.

Stargazers are tracking the rare green comet discovered in August by Japanese amateur astronomer Hideo Nishimura, hence the name Nishimura.