Lawyers for the New York Attorney General's office have written to the state Court of Appeals hearing Donald Trump's commercial fraud conviction, urging it to disregard the former president's claims that he cannot post collateral to cover the hefty fine. 

Trump made an eventful post on social media! Trump made an eventful post on social media!

Attorney General Letitia James could move to seize Trump's assets starting Monday. Monday is Trump's deadline to obtain the $454 million in collateral demanded to cover the fraud penalty in the appeals process.

Shortly after the letter arrived, Trump's campaign asked one million supporters for donations, warning that he could lose his New York properties.

The New York Post reported Wednesday, citing friends of Trump, that he "could let Monday's deadline pass and leave it to James to take action, including pursuing Trump Tower, and announce his first run for the White House after descending the golden escalator in the skyscraper."

Trump's lawyers said two days ago that it was "practically impossible" to post a bond covering the entire $454 million fraud judgment against him during his appeal, after 30 bail bond companies turned Trump down.

James' office expressed skepticism about the timing and nature of Trump's claim in the letter sent by senior assistant attorney general Dennis Fan.