Bethany Frankel, a 53-year-old American television personality, said a man walked up to her on TikTok and punched her in the face. Many other women, including college students and prominent creators, have also complained of similar attacks against them on social media platforms.

In a TikTok video, university student Mikayla Toninato said she was texting on her phone when "out of nowhere a man came up and hit me in the face." The blow to her cheekbone left Toninato with a bruise under her left eye.

According to NBC News, many other women have experienced similar incidents and described similar suspects. "Your officers will continue to be resilient in their efforts to stop violent criminals to keep our communities safe," New York Police Department officials said in a statement. 

The NYPD said a suspect matching the women's description was arrested for the third time in six months.