The Oscar Awards were held at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles on 10 March. Oppenheimer came out on top at the Oscars hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, winning 7 awards. Emma Stone won the Oscar award for the second time in her career with the film Poor People.


New rules have been introduced to the Oscar Awards, which will find their owners on 2 March next year. Here are some of the innovations...

In the Original Song category, up to three composers who contributed significantly to the film's music will be eligible for separate Oscar statuettes.

The Academy will no longer recognise drive-in theatres as a suitable venue for Oscar-nominated productions.

Disqualified before the Eurovision final! Disqualified before the Eurovision final!

For a film to be considered the best film, it must meet the requirements announced in 2023.These requirements include rules for the screening of films in US theatres. Films must be in theatres in selected cities for specified periods of time.

In addition, films must submit the Academy's Representation and Participation Standards Entry (RAISE) form and meet at least two of the four standards to be eligible for the Oscars' top prize.

In the screenplay categories, it is now mandatory to submit a final shooting script for consideration as an original or adaptation.
Animated films eligible for the best international feature film category may also be considered as best animated feature film if they meet the requirements for both categories.

In order for a feature film to be considered for the Academy Awards, it must be released in cinemas between 1 January and 31 December 2024.