Heath Ledger, who played the Joker in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight, died on January 22, 2008 at the age of 28 after overdosing on prescription drugs at his home in New York City.

1-162Director and screenwriter Stephen Gaghan revealed details about Ledger's death.

Stating that he was working on the adaptation of Malcolm Gladwell's 2005 book Blink at the time, Gaghan explained that Ledger died in bed with the script of this movie.


Gaghan said Ledger's father Kim called him after learning of his son's death and told him that the script for Blink was found in his home.

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Speaking on Gladwell's podcast Development Hell, Gaghan said, "They were there with the body and our script was in bed with him and your book was on the nightstand. I think my number was written on the script. As you can imagine these people were in shock and they called that number and I don't know why they did that."


"I was at the airport with my wife, we were going from one place to another, and I literally collapsed, which has never happened to me before or since. My feet slipped out from under me. I literally just sat there because I was like 'What, what?' I remember my wife's face and I was just speechless. I just listened and listened and listened, and it was really, really sad. And it's still sad," he continued.

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Stephen Gaghan said he stopped developing the movie adaptation of Blink after Ledger's death.


On the other hand, Christopher Nolan also paid tribute to Heath Ledger while receiving an award at the Golden Globes.


Nolan said, "Thank you. I was on this stage to accept one of these on behalf of our dear friend Heath Ledger, and it was complicated and challenging for me. I looked up in the middle of the speech and Robert Downey Jr. caught me and gave me a look of love and support. The same look he's giving me right now..."

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"I thought it would be easier to accept it on my own behalf, but standing here I realized that I can only accept it on behalf of the people. As directors, we bring people together and try to get them to do their best," he continued.

The Dark Knight was released after the death of Heath Ledger and the movie broke box office records.