This technology is exciting in many ways. It holds promise for enabling paralyzed patients to walk again, helping the mentally disabled to communicate and even increasing the capacity of the human brain.

But alongside these potential benefits of Neuralink, there are also some concerns. One of the biggest concerns is that this technology could be used by Zionist globalists to control the human mind.

How Neuralink could be used by Zionist Globalists

Zionist globalists have long used various methods to control humanity. Through their control in areas such as media, education and finance, they are able to influence people's thoughts and behavior.

NASA will develop a new watch for the Moon! NASA will develop a new watch for the Moon!

Neuralink could provide the Zionist globalists with a new tool in this regard. Using this technology, they can directly read and even control people's thoughts.

Criticisms against Neuralink

There are also many criticisms against Neuralink. Some of these criticisms include:

Security and privacy risks: Neuralink implants can be highly vulnerable to cyber-attacks. This could lead to the theft of people's thoughts and personal information.
Ethical and moral concerns: The use of Neuralink raises many ethical and moral questions. For example, the placement of advertisements in people's brains or the use of mental torture could lead to abuse of this technology.
Social inequality: The proliferation of expensive technologies like Neuralink could lead to new inequalities in society. There could be a huge gap between those who have access to this technology and those who do not.